Beginning Handwriting Assessment

We have created a very basic handwriting/penmanship evaluation. The goal of this is to have a record of your child's starting skills. We look at some of the visual perceptual skills needed for forming letters. We will have you submit the scores as part of the process so that we have a record.

Download the two PDF's - the instructions and the "test". You can keep it as light and fun as you like. but don't give the child the answers. It really does not do anyone any good to do that.

The instructions are all on the instuction page. Taking a video of the process will be good and perhaps a photo of how your child holds his/her pencil and paper.

Handwriting assessment Instructions 7+.pdf
Handwriting test 7 + years.pdf

The answers/scoring sheet explains how to assign values to the answers given. Please record these on the Skills Score Sheet, and then use these answers to complete the quiz.

Handwriting test 7 + years answers.pdf
HWA score sheet summary.pdf

If your child passes the quiz - there may be no need to do this class. If however yourchild does not pass, they would benefit form taking the class.