Welcome to this online version of what is usually done through penmanship clubs after school.

We are presuming that there are no huge challenges to developing dexterity and that grasp is not a big issue. Just to help those who need a little nudge, we have created the first modules to review these. If it turns out that more help is needed to develop these, then by all means contact us and we will take a closer look and advise you.

This is a visual of grasp development and you can assess which level your child falls closer to. Ideally for this class you will want a tripod grasp to be well on its way. That will mean that the child's hand is ready for moving the pencil in the ways it needs to for forming letters with the least amount of energy use. If the child needs to use their wrist, elbow and /or shoulder to write, they will use huge amounts of unnecessary energy that should be used for other tasks - like concentrating, remembering or thinking.

If it appears that your child has not yet begun to have a tripod grasp, please rather sign up for the grasp development class before doing this one. The grasp you begin writing with is often what stays and it is very hard to change later. Rather develop the grasp and fine motor skills first.

There are some basic equipment needs for this class and we have listed them next. The class is structured around you having these. If however you are not able to get the equipment we have made suggestions for the alternatives in the equipment section and will presume that you have made a plan.

Writing implements:

  1. Chalk – large sidewalk and small board kind
  2. Triangular crayons
  3. Tri write pencils – the HB 2 small yellow ones or the bigger black ones

To write on:

  1. Newsprint and tape / black floor tiles
  2. Colouring book with large pictures
  3. Sheaf of 8 x 11 blank paper
  4. Some lined paper if you do nto have a printer and want to make your own templates
  5. Printed sheets provided here
  6. A sheaf of graph paper


  1. A sheet of cardboard (like the back of a note pad 8x11)
  2. Yellow highlighter

Anything else we will mention as we go.